Energy consulting

Lighting and HVAC (heating and cooling) represents a very large portion of a buildings monthly operating expenses. If these critical building systems are old, poorly maintained, or have exceeded its useful life cycle, they could be costing you "tens of thousands of dollars" every year of its continued operation. By upgrading or replacing antiquated and inefficient building operating systems with new energy efficient technologies and changing the behavior of building occupants and operators, energy and operational cost can be reduced by as much as 30% in some facilities while significantly increasing the buildings asset value.

Even if your system is new, our energy consulting experts can look at your current system and recommend control strategies that can further enhance the systems capabilities and improve system efficiency.

We are driven by what lies beneath the energy consumption and operational (O&M) savings, and when you contact us, we will consult with you and assist you with preparing a specialized energy reduction investment proposal, that will deliver the best technology "solution fit" to extract these hidden savings potential out of your building's unique set of operational circumstances.


Metering and Energy Management

The more you know about energy usage from specific equipment, areas or tenants, the more you can look for energy-saving opportunities or provide tenant-specific billing. Sub-metering allows facility managers to track energy costs by area, department, tenant and an individual piece of equipment when used with a building management system (BMS). The information can be used for creating an overall energy-savings plan, allocating costs and more. Honeywell sub-meters provides instant information right at the installed location and work seamlessly with other controllers so compatibility with the BMS is never an issue.


Energy Saving Options

Variable Frequency Drives

Buildings consume more than 70 percent of the electricity produced in North America ? and roughly half of that is used to circulate air and water. Honeywell variable frequency drives (VFDs) maximize energy savings by modulating the speed of fans and pumps in HVAC systems. VFDs, sometimes called inverters, achieve these savings by operating in conjunction with a building management system (BMS) or independently through its internal PID capabilities.

Economizers (Free Outside Cooling)

Economizers are the perfect examples of Honeywell innovation that makes saving energy easier for our customers. For buildings with less than 50,000 sq ft and standalone rooftop unit (RTU) applications, JADE is the best solution for a fresh air ventilation system. JADE Fresh Air Economizers with integrated demand control ventilation (DCV) systems are compatible with most individually packaged rooftop or built-up air handling units.


Businesses, schools and government facilities spend thousands of dollars each month to light unoccupied rooms, offices, warehouses and more. Honeywell Lighting Controls offer smart scheduling, presence detection and photocells to ensure lights aren?t left burning in vacant areas and that lights are off in areas where there?s already plenty of natural light. It all adds up to truly significant energy savings as a standalone solution or as part of an overall integrated energy management plan that can integrate lighting control with Honeywell heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), security and building management systems (BMS)



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Competitive Pricing

Our customers are saving 20% or more on their HVAC bills due to our competitive labor rates and exceptional preventative maintenance plan. This plan promotes sustainable practices that result in fewer equipment repairs while maximizing energy savings.

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Quality Control

We take great pride in the materials and services we provide to our customers. We utilize ISO standards for Quality Assurance and ASHRAE/NIBS 0-2013 for our Commissioning Process to ensure that we exceed customer’s expectations.

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