HVAC Controls & Specialties has a core group of highly skilled technicians, programmers, engineering specialist, and installers to provide you with the comfort of knowing that your facility will be maintained with the highest level of quality and performance.

Todd Petersen


Baber Coleman Network 8000 Programming 15 years.  Niagara AX 4years.
AX Certified. 
Primary duty - installation of control system, system design and engineering.

Terry Watkins

Controls Programmer

Barber Coleman, Invensys & Siebel, 21 years. Honeywell, 5 years
Factory trained and certified on Lon Mark, Niagara R2 & Niagara 4X
Primary duty- system programming, service, troubleshooting, system optimization,  system design and customer training. 


Travis Hogin

Controls Technician/Journeyman Electrician

Barber Coleman Network 8000 2 years.  Niagara/Tridium R2 3 years.  Invensys MNB Backnet/LON 3 years. Honeywell Spyder Backnet/Lon 1 year.  Pneumatic/Modbus 1 year.
Licensed Journeyman Electrician. Field training on various system installation.
Primary Duty- Installation, wiring, wiring conduit, device control wiring, system troubleshooting and system retrofits.

Joe Pahl

Controls Technician

Delta controls 2.5 years. Niagara AX 3 years
Factory Certified Tridium/Niagara AX
Primary Duty- System programming, system graphics, installation, startup and service.


HVAC Service/Installation
DDC Controls & Design
Energy Saving Solutions
Air- Balancing
DDC System Integration

Competitive Pricing

Our customers are saving 20% or more on their HVAC bills due to our competitive labor rates and exceptional preventative maintenance plan. This plan promotes sustainable practices that result in fewer equipment repairs while maximizing energy savings.

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Quality Control

We take great pride in the materials and services we provide to our customers. We utilize ISO standards for Quality Assurance and ASHRAE/NIBS 0-2013 for our Commissioning Process to ensure that we exceed customer’s expectations.

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